If you are a licensed medical practitioner that wants to offer phytocannabinoid rich health products to your patients, then Eqova is your ideal partner.

We are the very first science based, practitioner only brand of full spectrum hemp oil products.

We carefully formulate each product and are dedicated to providing you with innovative products with cutting edge ingredients and unique delivery methods for maximum bioavailability — all with pharmaceutical grade ingredients, made only in cGMP compliant facilities that give you standardized doses that your patients can consistently rely on.

We will provide you with the products backed by the the most recent convincing clinical studies and science. You can rest assured that you are getting the most effective, safe hemp oil products, and that you will always be kept up to date on the latest innovations and industry trends.

Also, you can provide the best possible care to your patients.  So both their health and your practice can thrive.

Private Label Available for Qualified Partners

Whether you already offer products under your private labeled brand or you want present a simple clear experience for your patients, you can easily achieve this with Eqova.

It cost no additional amount for us to design and label your products, and they will typically ship within 7 days of your initial order.

Get in touch with one of our highly trained practitioner education partners today to discuss the endless possibilities that Eqova can provide for your practice.