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Eqova scours the earth for the most effective Phytocannabinoid rich hemp oil, ingredients and delivery methods — combining them into innovative, cutting edge products that deliver what medical practitioners demand. When a medical professional uses an Eqova product in their practice, they can rest assured they are working with incredible products with standardized dosing, consistent pharmaceutical grade ingredients that can actually help their patients.

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CannaBio x25
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CannaBio Optimized
CannaBio MuscleCalm

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Pure Standardized Ingredients

Eqova is on the cutting-edge of the hemp oil industry products, providing unique, innovative delivery methods for every type of use case. Such as sublingual, liposomal, oral and topical — giving our practitioners the tools they need for their patients.

Backed by Science

The amount of misinformation and inaccuracies in the hemp oil industry is vast. But Eqova’s rigorous product development cycle cuts through the rumors and misconceptions with clear, convincing science. Each ingredient is studied, not only individually, but in context of its other ingredients, delivery method and intended use case.

Non-Psychoactive Ingredients

There are many people desperate for effective products that don’t want to get “high”, but simply want to be healthy. That’s why each Eqova product is under the Federal legal limit of THC (at least 99.7% THC free). Our products are not for recreational use, and use natural, effective and standardized phytocannabinoid rich hemp oil.

Why Hemp Based Health?

If you are a medical practitioner who wants the very best for your patients, then you know that you cannot always utilize surgery or prescription drugs when these have complications and/or side effects.

Instead, you need to approach medicine with all the safe and effective options at your disposal. Especially when there are effective, non-invasive, low risk, natural treatments that incorporate the very best from Western Medicine with pharmaceutical grade ingredients and dosing.

That is what Eqova Life Sciences offers to licensed medical practitioners everywhere.

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Quality Control You Can Trust

We provide products that are carefully formulated by medical experts, with natural ingredients combined together in innovative products designed for medical practitioners.

cGMP Compliant

3rd Party Testing

Liquid CO2 Extraction


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